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, autoridades pusieron tras las rejas a personas que estación aban para hacer cumplir la ley . >> en el salvador tratan de poner fin al comercio ambulante, lo que ha provocado enfrentamientos. >> la goleada del américa al pachuca . . >> una vez más la corupcion en méxico ha quedado en evidencia en méxico se capturo a varios policía . >> alejandro rodlan con el detalle . >> 26 policía de méxico detenidos por sus nexos con el crimen especializado . >> ¿qué pedirles si son policías contra policías?. >> Él participó con el ejército mexicano para enfrentar a la delincuencia organizada en el distrito federal . >> que nos apyen federales y se reteome el patruyaje . >> esto se suma a cuaguilas dónde pusieron en evidencia a su coporacion . >> implicados en la muerte de moreira hijo del ex gobernador del estado. >> se dedicaban a darle protección al grupo de los zetas, así mismo marisela morales señaló que 14 policías federales, vinculados con el ataque a estados unidos serán consignados, en la agencia propone peñanieto crear el centro de control y mando para combatir a los grupos c
, se sintiÓ en el salvador y mÉxico, comenzamos. >>> este es su "noticiero univisiÓn" con jorge ramos y marÍa elena salinas. >>> muy buenas noches, barack obama fue reelegido como presidente en gran medida gracias al apoyo de votantes latinos, el 10% de votantes en todo el paÍs, fueron hispanos, ganÓ 7 de cada diez latinos voto por el presidente, 7 de cada diez, y mitt romney obtuvo el voto latino mÁs bajo en dÉcadas, incluyendo colorado, nevada, la florida, se hizo cierta la teorÍa, que nadie puede llegar a la casa blanca, sin el voto latino, mitt romney no pudo llegar, los latinos no votaron por Él, comenzamos con luis que sigue al presidente. >>> si algo dejÓ claro la victoria del presidente obama, que no hubiese sido posible sin el apoyo de hispanos, segÚn encuestas de salida de urna, una amplia mayorÍa el 71% votÓ por el presidente, el apoyo fue mÁs alto en estados que tradicionalmente tienen pocos votantes hispanos cruciales para definir la elecciÓn, es un estratega de la coaliciÓn para derechos de inmigraciÓn de illinois. >>> si una elecciÓn es muy cercana, grupos
, an undocumented student from el salvador who has lived in maryland for seven years and wants to be a psychologist. >> the dream act means a better future for me. i would like to become a psychologist because i like to help people. it brightens my futurure. >> reporter: on tuesday, president obama captured 71% of the hispanic vote compared to mitt romney's 27% and that is a big dropoff for republicans who as recently in as 200 for, the then-president george w. bush wins 44% of the latino vote after embracing immigration reform. the folks here say you're reaching out to republicans as well and they're trying to reframe reform as an issue for hispanic families. >> immigration is one of the most important for us because many families want to divide and many are alone in this country. >> reporter: as election day 2012 is in the books, latino voters here say the new sound political capital to write a new chapter in the elects to come. >> reporter: the think tanks here in town, al cardenas, the chairman of the american consumer union said republicans could have won this vote this year if they had a bet
trejo y sobre los 92 minutos el gon de bryan vamos a el salvador tambien con una jornada con un solo empate. santa tecla sigue su paso firme para una clasificacion al derrotar 1-0 a juventud independiente con autogol de otoniel carranza. en santa ana, fas empato 1-1 con luis angel firpo, alejandro bentos y alejandro canales fueron los anotadores, isidro metapan perdio de local 2-1 ante la universidad, otro que perdio de local fue aguila 3-1 ante el atletico marte y en el cuscatlan, alianza derroto 2-0 a once municipal, christian en honduras con pocos goles y con goleada de los aguilas azules. el motagua de local supero ampliamente en el clasico al marathon 4-0, con anotaciones de johny leveron, eddie hernandez y carlos discua en dos oportunidades, el otro clasico termino empatado 0-0 entre real espaÑa y olimpia, savio de visita le gano 1-0 a real sociedad, victoria con atletico vamos al futbol peruano, cesar vallejo supero 2-1 a union comercio, las imagenes que vemos corresponden a la victoria del alianza lima 2-1 sobre juan aurich, sporting cristal goleo 4-0 al inti gas, sport huan
are dead after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake were hit. tremors were felt in mexico and el salvador. the earthquake destroyed homes, buildings, and blocking roads. thousands of soldiers are heading to the region to help the local police hand out emergency supplies. >>> an ohio woman caught on video driving on a sidewalk passing a school bus now has to serve an unpunishment. take a look at this cell phone video if a passenger inside the bus. the judge sentenced the woman shena harden to stand on a corner near the intersection where this happened and hold a sign that says "only an idiot would drive around a school bus." the judge also suspended harden's driver's license for 30 days and she has to pay a $250 fee in court costs. we want to know what you think about this punishment. does it fit the crime? you head to our facebook page or you can tweet us. >>> this morning there's more fallout from sandy. the governor of new york fired his emergency management director. the move comes after steven kerr diverted crews to remove a tree that fell on his long island driveway last week. this h
and el salvador. guatemala's president calls it the largest quake to hit his country in more than 35 years. at least one person is dead and several others trapped when part of a shopping center collapses. that tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. guana, authorities say the top floor of the five story department store came crashing down in the capital city. amateur video shows a large crowd gathering around a pile of debris. rescuers pulled out several victims. the nation's president cancelled campaigning for the day to visit the site and donated it a disaster zone. chile. dozens of fishermen battled police in the capital city of santiago a limit over fishing. the fishermen claim it could cripple their business. they set up road blocks on threw stones. the cops fired back with water canons. gaza. police say expert hunters helped capture a crocodile that had been on the loose ever since it broke out of a zoo nearly two years ago. villagers say they spotted the thing in a sewage pool a few weeks ago and claim it ate some of their livestock. china, 2012 international industry fa
. the quake was felt in neighboring mexico and el salvador, there was even a tsunami alert off the coast of el salvador. as for the victims, in one case an swire family was -- an entire family was killed. a couple and their six young children crushed from rocks and earth from a hill that slid into their home. aftershocks continue to rattle nerves there. the cleanup and the mourning is now underway. jon: yeah. that's a country that's not prepared to deal with that kind of thing. they just don't have the infrastructure. rick folbaum, thanks. jenna: the clock is ticking to stop the economy from going over that fiscal cliff we've been talking so much about. that cliff of massive tax hikes and across-the-board spending cuts. it's just one of the many economic challenges facing this country right now. this comes at a time that we're watching the markets as well. the dow dropping more than 300 points yesterday, it was the biggest drop of the year for the markets. there's a look realtime today. you see not quite as bad. the markets trading lower, still below 13,000 which is a critical level that a lot
para nuestro final de impacto, un niño y su salvador se fundieron en un abrazo, el menor fue abandonado en una estación de bomberos en texas, luego fue adoptado y ahora tiene 5 hermanas que lloraron de alegría por este encuentro . >>> llegamos al final, pero nos vemos el lunes, si dios lo permite. >>> hasta >> es hora del noticiero mas premiado de la bahia noti univision 14 a las 6. >> como de película con el fugitivo más buscado. >> mi el frio ni nada detendrá a estos trabajadores. >> buenas tardes le saluda león felipe gonzález bienvenidos. >> la fabrica cre
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)

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